Waiting for Dinner – an ISG Writing Exercise

These three words were chosen:

  • Myth
  • Glitter
  • Leather

And these blurbs were written within five minutes….Enjoy!



Deirdre walked into the club like she owned the place. She went most places like that so it wasn’t exactly a change for her. She strode up to the bar and met the eyes of the man serving drinks.

“Jameson, straight,” she told him. He nodded and served her drink before getting back to the patron he had ignored before her. Taking a sip, she let the firey drink trickle down her throat in satisfaction.

She leaned back on the bar letting her long coat fall to the side to show off her perfectly shaped, leather wrapped body. There was glitter perfectly placed under her eyes and down her throat. Tomorrow she might change it up. Maybe hit a square dancing bar or maybe, a tinder date.

But tonight, supposedly just a myth, she waited for her dinner to seek her out.

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“While I appreciate spending time with my bestie, if you really hadn’t wanted attention, maybe you could have laid off the leather,” Jas remarked.

Cynthia stretched, her boobs straining against the tight purple and black corset and then winked at her friend.  “I can’t help it.  A girls gotta have a little something, something to feel good about.  Why should the glitter and polish just be for work?”

“You know,” Cynthia commented, “it’s a myth that succubus can only have sex for food.  Take me, I’m no sex vamp.  Can’t even remember the last time I got down and dirty with someone.  True, it’s been harder since the social distancing thing took over, but at least I learned how to feed a sip at a time instead of gorging.”

Several men at the bar had turned to watch when Cynthia’s body had gone taut against the restraints of her outfit and Jas just sighed.  It was no use.  Cyn was going to sin.

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“You have to be effin kidding me?” Sandra looked down at the small box in front of her.  It was a leather bodysuit, a unicorn horn headband and four mason jars of pink and silver glitter.

“This is nuts. What is even supposed to be happening?” her voice filled with regret. When Tammy had asked her to take on one of her gigs tonight so she could go to a concert she assumed it was just a shift at the club.

Shrugging Tammy picked up the body suit “You’re like a magical creature. You’re a myth come to life.”

“No what I am is weirdo’s fairytale” Sandra was liking this idea less and less. “So, what is it I am supposed to do exactly?” a sigh escaped her lips as she took the leather from Tammy’s hands.

“You simply prance around and throw glitter on him” Tammy said trying her best to make it sound not so bad.

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The vampire stared at her, sexy face now disappointed and bordering on frustration. “Did you seriously just ask me why I don’t glisten in the sun?” He glanced down at his pale, but certainly not shiny skin. “Does this look like glitter to you?” He scowled. “Next you will want to know where my leather pants are, right?” He rubbed his hands against frayed blue jeans. “Do you have any idea how hot leather is? I am not Jim Morrison, okay? Leather pants only work for rock stars whose groupies don’t care what they smell like!” He shook his head, years of frustrated disgust pouring out of him. “If you’d read an actual book for once instead of all of these damned romance novels, you might actually learn something true!” He picked up a paperback with a dark, leather-clad hero on the cover and tossed it across the room.

‘Do…do you mean that there are actual books with true stories about vampires in them?” she asked, hesitant but curious despite herself.

He gave her a look as if she were a simpleton. “Have you ever heard of myths?” he snapped. “Where do you think all those old stories come from?” He snatched her phone from where it sat on the edge of her nightstand and started swiping angrily.

“What are you doing?” she asked, sitting up, but not daring to take the phone from him.

“I’m ordering you a copy of some Edith Hamilton, for starters, “ he snapped. “What’s your CVC code?”

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The little girl was covered in glitter, and her boots were made of fine leather, though they were very worn out. Her shirt was pink and had Myth written in bold letters on the front and back. The cat watched her skip around to the gate of the garden. Something was not right. The boy shifted a little but didn’t change his position. His face grew very pale when he finally caught sight of the girl. “Myth.” He breathed in horror and pointed his gun straight at her chest. The cat heard another noise from beyond the wall. Three more guys were walking in their direction.

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