The Ink Slingers Guild (ISG) started a tradition in 2012 with their first book of short stories, Beyond the Threshold.  Every year since we’ve created at least one book together.

Each story is a journey created just for you, so get yourself a copy and enjoy the written word as the Ink Slingers Guild entertains you!

2017 Veiled Affection: GET IT HERE!!!



2016 Serenity Rising: GET IT HERE!!!



2015 Bent Horizons: GET IT HERE!!!



2014 On the Verge: GET IT HERE!!!



Behind the Veil: GET IT HERE!!!

2014 book of very short stories, each includes at least one ghost
We are called by many names; spirit, shade, banshee or phantom. Regardless, there is one thing we have in common – we have died and are bound to your plane, trapped between lives.

So, keep a light on while you read the stories of our mortal lives and what happened to our souls. Remember that wherever these pages find you, you are not alone, and not all of us play nice with others.


A book of very short stories about Jimmy who never seems to make it to the end **FREE!!**


2013 Into the Abyss: BUY IT HERE!!


2012 Beyond the Threshold: BUY IT HERE!!


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Thanks and happy reading!

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