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Could Have Ripped Me to Pieces! – an ISG Writing Exercise

On 16 September 2015, these four words were chosen:

  • Reflection
  • Terror
  • Honey
  •  Supernatural

And these blurbs were written within eight minutes….Enjoy!


In that moment of pure terror, Honey paused for a moment of reflection. How on earth had she ended up in this supernatural nightmare? Things like this did not happen to normal people. Why did she have to be so…..abnormal?

The moment was shattered by the claw of the creature trying to rip out her heart. For obvious reasons, she had a problem with this.

“Benji!!” she hollered as loud as she could. “Now would be a great time to show yourself!”

The creature trying to kill her was startled for the briefest fraction of a second by her yell, but that was not enough to deter it. The dragon’s roar was. Benji appeared above them, hundred-foot wingspan blocking most of the moonlight. He roared again, the sound tearing at the ears.

Honey crouched down, putting her hands over her ears in order to not go deaf. Benji swooped down and snatched the werewolf up in one of his great claws, snapping the wolf’s spine and tossing it away like a piece of lint. He grinned at Honey with razor sharp teeth and gave a little yip, seeking her approval with a puppy-like wriggle. Honey stood up, and rubbed the scaly snout of the fearsome dragon.

“Where were you?” she said. “He could have ripped me to pieces!”

Benji didn’t say anything, but his reptilian eyes glinted.

“If this is how this is going to go,” Honey said, “I won’t be so quick to volunteer as bait again! Then we get no jobs. Then we don’t get paid. Then they take you back, chain you in a ridiculous circus wagon and put you on display…”

Benji let out a piteous moan and shook his head.

“Good,” Honey said. “I’m glad we understand each other. Now, let’s go and…”

A low growl from Benji cut her off a second before she noticed the glowing eyes surrounding them.

“Crap,” she said.

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Noll stared at his reflection in the small pool. His stomach lurched in terror. It was the third time he’d glanced in the water since his visit with the witch and each time the result was the same. He would have liked to say that his stomach was upset from the strangely tasting potion but that really wasn’t it. It had tasted weird, true, but sort of in a good way and it had slid down his throat like honey water on a cool day. Smooth and sweet.

It was more that he really hadn’t believed any of it. No witches were real, no supernatural creatures ran through the night. Well, he hadn’t really thought about them running during the day but if he had, he would have laughed in disbelief at that thought too.

But here he sat. He pock scarred face, now smooth. His stringy dark hair, now black as night and smooth, hanging just to his shoulders. His shirt had ripped where his shoulders had strained the thin fabric and his pants were tight and short. He looked just like he knew all women loved and it sickened him.

Yes, he asked for it. Yes, he drank the potion. Yes, he’d thought it was all poppy-cock. Yes, he was wrong. Very, very permanently wrong.

“Goodness, what has happened to you, sir?” a sweet and light voice said from behind him. Noll turned abruptly and found his eyes on a beautiful young lady in a long robe. She stepped back.

“Vampire,” she whispered and ran.

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I sat at my desk mindlessly stirring the honey in my tea, lost in thought.  “How did this happen? “ I said aloud holding my head in my hand.  The spell seemed so simple, so easy, a baby could do it.  Once again, I proved that being supernatural wasn’t the fun adventure that movies often depicted.  No, upon reflection, all I’ve succeeded in creating was terror.  The screams outside at least seemed to have subsided.  How could I have known?  All I wanted to do was make the leaves of the trees turn color.  I missed the fall so much.  But instead, the trees took on a life of their own and they were not happy.  All day they’ve been chasing my neighbors up and down the street.  The worst part, my parents were going to be home from their trip to the monthly coven meeting, and boy are they going to be pissed.

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It was in the reflection of the window that he saw the terror creep into Jacob’s face. He thought they would have more time to prepare. He thought that they might live to see morning. Now Aiden wasn’t so sure.

He backed away from the window dragging the frozen Jacob with him. “What do you see?”

Aiden knew Jacob could see those things others couldn’t or wouldn’t see. He could see those things that haunted people’s nightmares. The monsters in the closet that your parents swore weren’t real; After the last couple of months Aiden new better.

These things, whatever they were, are supernatural creatures. Some look mostly human; he had even noticed one of the hottest girls in his class was one. She hid behind her bright blue eyes and long honey hair. She had small freckles on her nose and apparently the ability to disengage her jaw to eat off the top half of a person’s head in one bite.

She was out there somewhere. She was looking for them. It’s name was Kelley and it was going to eat them if she could.

“There are three.” Jacob finally said.

“Shit” was all Aiden said.

He grabbed the container of salt and started walking the perimeter again. He had to make sure every entrance was covered.

“You coming?” he asked Jacob.

Jacob shook his head no and pointed behind where Aiden was standing.

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Brings Out Blemishes – an ISG Writing Exercise

On 16 September 2015, these four words were chosen:

  • Ruby
  • Sleep
  • Cream
  • Irritated

And these blurbs were written within eight minutes….Enjoy!


Ruby woke up rubbing the sleep out of her eyes although it felt like she just got to bed.  “Morning already?” she asked out loud irritated.  Most of the night she spent tossing and turning.   She remembered feeling like her face was on fire, what a weird dream she had she thought.  Grudgingly, she slid out of bed and made her way to the bathroom to splash some water on her face.  She felt around the sink for the towel she knew was there, patted her face dry, looked in the mirror and let out a blood curdling scream.  Her face was covered with warts with hair sprouting out from their centers.  Desperately, she reached for the cream she purchased a couple of days ago.  The salesman promised that it would bring out her amazing complexion.  She picked up the bottle and read the fine print, “Warning. Not to be used by witches. Brings out blemishes”.

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Sarla rubbed the magically enhanced cream on her arms while she gazed at the ruby on the coffee table. Ronil had left it out in his rush to get to work and she hesitated to put it away. It was as large as a soccer ball and three times as heavy. The sun barely making its way through the curtains created a kaleidoscope of red hues across the table. It was mesmerizing. She started to rub the cream into her legs.

It irritated her that Ronil always left the stone hidden away in the closet. It was so beautiful it should be out for all to see. It was hers after all. He was so paranoid. She finally moved to her face, gently rubbing the cream into her perfect skin. Sarla stood and looked into the mirror near the front door. Her skin was dark now, slightly dull and cruelly wrinkled. She smiled. Her teeth were perfect, shells of razor sharp ivory.

The cream would last only an hour. Not much time to find and capture dinner but enough. The thought of a fresh catch made drool pool under her tongue.

She couldn’t have been luckier to have met such a wonderful man and she was thrilled that he worked the night shift. He would never have to know about her eating habits. She’d be back in bed getting her beauty sleep before he ever came home.

The door knob shook and she ran to look out the peep hole. Sarla shrieked and ran to hide. Ronil was at the door.

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Ben was trying desperately to sleep. Tomorrow was a very big day, and he could not afford to mess it up. The ruby, however, had other ideas. It flashed randomly, throwing beams of sparkling light throughout Ben’s bedroom. He grew increasingly more irritated, to the point where he was seriously considering throwing a pillow at the obnoxious thing.

Sighing, he put the pillow over his own head and fell asleep. When he awoke, the ruby was dormant, no inner sparkle or magic glow calling attention to itself. After a cup of strong coffee with a lot of cream and a couple of eggs over easy, he felt ready for the task at hand.

Taking the ruby, he put in in the little velvet sack, and put it in his pocket. The trip to the old man’s house did not take very long, but the wait outside the door was almost a lifetime. When the door opened and the wrinkled face showed through, the ruby began to heat up.

“Do you have it?” the old man asked.

“Of course,” Ben said.

“Give it here,” the man instructed, thrusting a scrawny arm through the crack in the door.

“Can I come inside first?” Ben asked.

“No. Not now,” the man snapped. “Give it.”

Warning bells went off in Ben’s head and he took a step back. The man disappeared and a new face appeared, this one vaguely wolfish, though it appeared to be rotting in places. Ben was also fairly sure wolves did not have forked tongues or three eyes like the creature in front of him did. A scaly claw reached out for him and Ben stumbled back.

The Firefiends had found him again. At this rate he was never going to get home. At that moment, the ruby chose to become obnoxious again, the red light shining from his pocket like a laser pointer, and like a giant cat, the Firefiend pounced.

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Shelia was irritated. She pursed her ruby red lips and bit down on the inside of them. If she opened her mouth she knew she would start screaming.

This was supposed to be a romantic evening. Corey and her were supposed to have a night of yummy food and unbridled passion.

Instead he had come home from work, went immediately into the shower without even finding her for a peck on the cheek to say hello.

Had he actually looked for her, he would have found her lying naked on the dining room table with sushi on various parts of her body. She hadn’t placed a lot of pieces, but the ones she had were sticky and cold.

She took a deep breath in that caused a precariously placed piece of spicy tuna roll to fall off her left breast.

Finally she had enough.

She heard the shower shut off, she heard his voice begin to call out for her and as he walked into the dining room wearing only a towel she glared up at him. The shock in his eyes told her that he hadn’t remembered this night and he was trying to figure a way out of it.

Instead of lobbing the sushi at him, she simple stood up letting all the pieces of spicy cream fall to the floor and walked passed him turning only once to say “You can clean that up, I’m going to sleep”.

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