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Coming Soon! Behind the Veil – Short Ghost Stories

Available October 4th!


Behind the Veil

Dearest Reader,

I hope you are comfortable all snuggled up in the apparent comfort of your own home. Perhaps you are enjoying a crackling fire, a hot cup of cocoa, or maybe you are wrapped in a warm blanket.

Have you ever felt like you are being watched, only to turn and find no one there? Do you ever hear whispers and dismiss them as the wind? Footsteps in an otherwise empty house? The trail of fingers on your arm that send shivers down your spine?

All of those feelings are real, and have a cause.

We are called by many names; spirit, shade, banshee or phantom. Regardless there is one thing we have in common – we have died and are bound to your plane, trapped between lives.

So, keep on a light while you read the stories of our mortal lives and what happened to our souls. Remember that wherever these pages find you, you are not alone and not all of us play nice with others.

~ One of Many

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