Featured Author: Nicole DragonBeck

Ink Slinger, Nicole DragonBeck has been writing, we think, probably since the womb.

She weaves words together that make you smile, that make you gasp and make you turn page after page until the sun starts to rise.

The words are gold.

Check out the first in her epic fantasy series. You’ll be glad you did. 🙂

Would you die for a world you barely knew?

In Demona, magyc is fading, the Guardians are scorned and in hiding, and the Sorcerer gains more power as he comes closer to finding the last piece of the puzzle which will allow him to send all realms of the Path into darkness.

Ria seems to be an ordinary girl from a world without magyc, but some believe she is the one who will fulfill the Prophecy, and restore magyc. The only problem: if this is true, she will die.

Fate dictates her future, but it is her past that holds the key to the ultimate choice – a choice that will free her, or condemn her.

Cedar won’t be able to live with himself if her death is his doing, but isn’t one girl’s life a cheap price to pay for the life of his home?

Life, Death, magyc – everything hangs in the Balance. Whether they know it or not, everyone is counting on Ria. Will she choose to save them, or will she end up destroying them?

Fans of classic fantasy, The HobbitThe Chronicles of NarniaThe Sword of Shannara, and Naomi Novik’s Uprooted will love this epic fantasy tale.

Buy First Magyc now to find out what happens when Ria takes destiny into her own hands.

~~~ About Nicole

Nicole was born in California one snowy summer long ago, the illegitimate offspring of an elf and a troll. At a young age her powers exploded and she was banished to the wilderness of South Africa because her spells kept going inexplicably awry. There she was raised by a tribe of pygmy Dragons and had tremendous adventures, including defeating a terrible Fire-Demon that had been tormenting a sect of Dwarf priests. In gratitude they taught her the arcane magic of writing and the rest is horribly misinterpreted history. She reads as much as she writes, is obsessed with dragons and Italians, enjoys cooking, listening to music and can often be heard fiddling on a keyboard or guitar. She currently lives in Clearwater, Florida, is a member of The Ink Slingers Guild and is working on several novels, all of which have at least one mention of a dragon. She lists friends, music and life among her greatest influences.

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One response to “Featured Author: Nicole DragonBeck

  1. Laura J

    “The words are gold.”
    That intro is spot on! Original, world-building, fantasy is no common treasure to find and this series never lulls- its magic draws you in and keeps you immersed, much like Ria in Demona.

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