Hi everyone! The annual Ink Slingers Guild book: Dark Legends releases on October 1st! We are sooooooo excited! It’s a *killer* read!

Just click on the image below and zip on over to Amazon to pre-order your copy!

The Ink Slinger’s Guild kills it once again with a creepy collection of short stories. Every story is required to have a pumpkin involved, in whatever way the author delights. 

House in the Wood by Alanna J. Rubin

Daegon Rell has mourned the loss of his love for centuries. When an unexpected package arrives, his perception of the past will be challenged and, perhaps, holds promise of a future he never thought possible.

Magyc and Mayhem at Winter’s Eve by Nicole DragonBeck

All summer Tillie Harper had dreamed of winning the green ribbon for her pumpkins at this years Winter’s Eve festival. In none of those dreams had she imagined doing anything like setting a demon loose in the little town of Lillihaven.

Immigrants by JM Paquette

When his mother-in-law died, Jeff expected to clean out her house. He did not expect to discover a secret that would cause him to question everything he knows about his wife.

Carving a Name for Oneself by Brandon Scott

A pumpkin carved: a life improved. But as with everything, there’s a cost. 

Ghosted by Desiree Matlock

Their online relationship seemed perfect, but then Rhys ghosted her. Now, on Halloween, he shows up out of the blue to fix things. All seems great except for the fact that he’s dead. Can Grace and her friends solve him from disappearing after Halloween ends? 

Diana by Erika Lance

It’s his DNA. It’s his fingerprint. But he has an alibi. What’s next?

Bloody Thursdays by Lisa Barry

Would the day end well for a change? Some days start off dull and end dull. Other days start off that way and then move to hope and then to death or maybe even to love. Grace’s day had changed so many ways she was a little worried about how it might end.

Special Bonus Story! 

Cracks and Tethers is a round robin ghost story; meaning several of these amazing authors wrote one after the other to create an entertaining read for you! 

You will love this book because who doesn’t love a mix of fun, thrills and Halloween!

Get it now!

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