Short short – Seriously, Janet?

The Ink Slingers Guild (ISG) had some round-robin writing fun! We each wrote a sentence or two and then passed the paper to the next person who added to it and passed it along to the next person and on down the line. We hope you are as entertained as we!

I picked up the box, a standard size UPS delivery, and got back into the house before it started to shake and whine.

Whimpering from inside the package didn’t adequately deter me, much to my regret.

After all, the shipping alone had been absurd.

“But what did I expect, when I asked for 20 minute shipping?” I thought to myself as I set the box carefully on the table and ripped open the cheap packing tape.

The small furry head peeked up, ears pressed flat as it crawled free of the box. “Seriously, Janet?” the creature asked. “When I said I didn’t care how I got home, I didn’t think you’d use UPS. At least FedEx has ar conditioned trucks!”


Leading Line








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