Short short – Lots of Caffeine

The Ink Slingers Guild (ISG) had some round-robin writing fun! We each wrote a sentence or two and then passed the paper to the next person who added to it and passed it along to the next person and on down the line. We hope you are as entertained as we!

“There is no such thing as too much coffee,” he declared, vibrating in his chair.

“Sure there is,” she said, “you just have to learn to walk the fine line between addiction management and overdose.”

She studied the subtle tremors working up and down his arms – Definitely leaning toward overdose for this one. He had maybe a few hours left.

It was really sad to watch so much talent and high hopes be dashed by chemicals.

A sense of resolution was left to hang in the atmosphere of the chamber as she closed him in.


Leading Line








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