He Has a Gift – an ISG Writing Exercise

These words were chosen:

  • Sabotage
  • Flabbergast
  • Saturate
  • Lime

And these blurbs were written within eight minutes….Enjoy! 🙂



I carefully saturated the salt on the edge of my glass with lime, then I gingerly took a sip.

“That’s not how you drink it,” Jessie sighed. “Seriously, chica, you’re so timid I’m shocked I got you to go on this trip.”

“Stop sabotaging my fun, girl, this is how I do my tequila. You do yours your own way.” She did. She licked the rim lasciviously, wiggling her eyebrows at me, then knocked back the shot, and shoved the lime wedge into her mouth.

As she grimaced, she rasped out, “That’s not ‘fun’, Dina. I am f@#$ing flabbergasted you even made it here. How the f@#$ you got your timid ass on a plane, I don’t know. ” She changed her tune on a dime, as was her style, and smiled sweetly, “But thanks so much for doing it. Costa Rica is seriously boring without my friends. Just beaches and sun and boats and hammocks. The mind could go positively lazy from so little stimulation.”

I looked around the bar at the display of wealth and beauty, “Oh, somehow I think you’re probably getting plenty of stimulation, based on the shape you’re in right now. I’ve never seen you so fit.” She beamed, as she finished licking the remaining salt off her empty shotglass nearly obscenely. I added, “How could this place ever get boring?” then lifted my shot glass to take another tiny sip.

As I was taking in the liquid, She reached over, tipped the shot glass up and I choked down the whole shot. Then, as I coughed and cried, she ordered another two shots.

“Sorry to sabotage your “one shot all night” plans, but you’ve got some catching up to do.”

“Fine”, I laughed, giving in, and as the second shot arrived, I sucked it down a little faster, and then shoved the lime in my mouth. As my face puckered, I asked, around the lime wedge, “Happy?”


A ridiculously handsome man walked up, grabbed her around the waist, and kissed her behind the ear, before taking her hand and dancing with her, something close and latin. I watched and enjoyed how liberated she looked now. So different from the divorcée of last year. When she returned, I asked for an introduction, but he was already walking away.

“What was the hottie’s name?”

“I have no idea,” she laughed, “but he has a gift.”



Eyeballing the man in the lime green coat I made my way to the edge of the counter. He was short and plump and was smiling at the barista as though he came here every day and knew her personally. I felt like my plan to get a coffee and have some peace and quiet in the corner of the shop was sabotaged by his happy personality. Or maybe he was a salesmen trying to add some coffee flavor or brand to the already saturated market. Oh, sure, I know people would disagree but coffee is coffee is coffee. It tastes relatively good when added to large quantities of sugar and cream. Better if you add some whipped cream on top. I know, I can flabbergast the best of them with my habits and complete disregard of the coffee fanatics. But I digress.

The man in lime was smelling his coffee. I wrinkled my nose and waited for him to move so I could finally get in my order. He sneezed.

“Is there coconut in this?” he asked with a panicked look on his face.

“No sir,” the barista said, taking a step back from the counter.

He sneezed again. “Oh no,” he wailed and then ran out of the shop. The barista looked at me with wide eyes.

“Finally,” I said, “I’ll have a huge half caff white mocha with soy and almond equal mix, extra sugar, whipped cream and a dash of hazelnut, please.”

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