The DMV Brings Out the Worst in You – a Round Robin Writing Snippet

The Ink Slingers Guild (ISG) had some round-robin writing fun! We each wrote a sentence or two and then passed the paper to the next person who added to it and passed it along to the next person and on down the line. We hope you are as entertained as we!

She could no longer contain her rage but knew she must if she was to get out of this particular DMV alive. It was one thing to receive ticket #5217 when 5 didn’t even show upon the display board, but the group of armed men currently holding them hostage was definitely screwing with her ability to complete her to-do list today.

Usually she wouldn’t freak out over something as mundane as a to-do list – what did you think tomorrow was for? – but this list wasn’t of the usual variety, and failure to complete it would result in the obliteration of tomorrow and forever after that.

So, mustering her will, she did the only sensible thing to do for her to do: she walked up to the armed guards to explain the situation. When the guard yelled at her and tried to push her down, she’d had enough. Raising a hand toward him, she flipped her wrist and didn’t even stop to watch, as she would normally, and headed to the door instead as his head melted.


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