Husband-At-The-Grocery-Store Syndrome – a Round Robin Writing Snippet

The Ink Slingers Guild (ISG) had some round-robin writing fun! We each wrote a sentence or two and then passed the paper to the next person who added to it and passed it along to the next person and on down the line. We hope you are as entertained as we!

“I said get blood and chocolate not bloody chocolate, from the store – where’d you even buy this?”

“There’s this place in the slums that advertises they can get whatever you need, no matter how outlandish,” he mumbled, a blush warming his face. “So…we can’t use this?”

When he saw the look on the Master’s face, he sighed, then looked down at the open package in his hands. “What do you think it tastes like? I’d have to waste it. I had to trade like four years of life for it.”

“I’m sure we’ll find some use for it eventually. Chocolate keeps.” The Master set it aside, before staring pointedly at him, as though waiting for something. He dreaded figuring out what it was, but his brain simply would not work out what the Master was waiting for. I watched the Master as he sighed heavily, pulled a large needle out of his closet and came at me. Then I remembered the blood part.


Leading Line







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