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Every time the Ink Slingers meet, we do two to three writing exercises that must include three to four specific words that were unknown to the author prior to hearing the loud “START!” command and then getting to it! We love sharing the end result with you.

Sometimes the author will have three unique shorts and other times the author will write a continuing story from one exercise to the next. These continuations can be tricky to create but this Ink Slinger killed it with this fun story.


catastrophe, revolver, brandy

Sam looked up from his glass of Brandy, that was now painfully empty besides a couple ice slivers, to see a revolver pointed at his head. 


This was probably a bad thing. 


He took a breath and raised his head a little higher to look into the eyes of the person holding the gun to his forehead.  


It was his ex. She looked mad. Very mad. This was absolutely a bad thing.  


“Umm…” He started to say, but he was cut off by Cherie, his ex telling him to “Shut the hell up!” 


He pondered for a moment what had lead to this catastrophe. 


He remembered going out to dinner after work, he remembered meeting a girl at the bar. What was her name? He thought. 

Spectacle, spark, nude

“What did you say to Cara?” Came Cherie’s shrill voice again. Was her voice always this shrill or did their break-up cause him to finally here it? 


“WHAT… DID… YOU… SAY… TO… HER?” She was yelling now.  


However, this did spark the name of the girl he was talking to at the bar: Cara. 


“Yes. Cara.” He heard himself say. 


She slapped him across the face with so much intensity she almost knocked him over.  


“What the hell was that for?” He asked. This was of course a mistake.  


Cherie began yelling and waving the gun around.  She was also pointing a lot. She was speaking so fast he couldn’t really follow along with what she was saying. He was memorized by the spectacle of it all. 


“and showing her your nude….” She was turning from red to purple.  

predictable, twinkle, dragon

It was almost predictable what she did next. Shooting right past his head. 


Wait, maybe it wasn’t that predictable.  


He had never seen her with a gun. He also wouldn’t have guessed she knew how to fire one with the exception of the fact she just had.  


Did she mean to miss? 


The loud ringing in his ears made whatever she was yelling now unheard by him. There was however a twinkle coming from the red gemstone eye of the dragon charm she was wearing around her neck.  
Hadn’t he given that too her for her birthday. She liked dragons. 


Then she slapped him again. 


“Why did you show my sister nude photos of us?” She said this time pushing the barrel of the gun against his forehead. Which actually burned slightly. 


In this one moment this all made sense. Unfortunatly. She should probably just shoot him. 



About Erika Lance

I would say I was fortunate, some would say otherwise, to have a chance to live across the US. Originally from Minneapolis, MN I spent most of my formative years in Hollywood, CA, then NM, CO, GA, WI and FL. Moving around a lot meant I got to see so many interesting parts of our country and the cultures that are all around us. All through my life I was lucky to have many artists; writers, actors, painters, poets and musicians. It made for a very wild upbringing. I grew up as an elusive female nerd. My head was either buried in a book or playing RPGs (if your cool you know what that means), it made for an imaginative existence. My love of writing started at a young age and although I wrote a lot for myself, it took hitting that certain moment in my life to decide I wanted to share my universe with the world. With that said, it will most likely be an amazing ride so hold on tight.


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