They Were All to Die This Day – an ISG Writing Exercise

On 16 March 2016, these three words were chosen:

  • Private
  • Bloom
  • Portal

And these blurbs were written within five minutes….Enjoy!



Navriel was calm in a detached way. The host of demons grew closer, and still the lock to the iron cage which housed the elixir did not reveal itself.

“Enough of this,” Dommur said. He took his mighty battle ax and cleaved through the iron with a single sweep.

A high ringing scream issued from the chalice, and white mist frothed around their feet. The demons howls increased to bone-jarring volume. Navriel had a private thought they were all to die this day, but he could not share this with his companions.

He reached through the gap in the iron and grasped the stem. Warmth bloomed at the touch and traveled down his arm. Soon it was too much to bear, eating his body like a living flame. Without thinking, he raised the chalice to his lips and drank.

Ice fell upon his tongue, quenching the fire in his body. He began to itch, his skin now too small for whatever power it was he had taken into himself. Beruin’s face was one of many signs something was not right. The half-elf had drawn his sword, and faced the cloud of black fangs and claws and red eyes advancing upon them.

“Now, Navriel!” he cried. “You must do it now!”

For a moment Navriel forgot what it was he was supposed to do. Then he recalled. The portal. He raise his hands, the flesh now glowing with pure white light. In front of him, between himself and the demons, the first crack on the magic tunnel to their home began to appear, creeping along.

But too slowly. The first demons reached it.

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The portal opened just as we left the tavern. Mungh was looking a bit more sociable and I was feeling quite light on my feet.  We stepped through the shimmering space and onto the ship, hundreds of miles north of the little village where we had slayed yet another chimera hidden in a human form. Once you found them and got them mad enough, their borrowed magic couldn’t hide them anymore, the true amazingly ugly form comes to light. It makes it much easier to slay them. I honestly couldn’t do it without Mungh, he was quite the brute but so private! After two years I still barely knew him. Except that he did love the ladies like any good warrior. I slapped him on the back.

“It’s finally time to go home,” I said and handed him the sack holding what I hoped was the last chimera’s head.  For the first time in months a broad smile spread over his face. One of his teeth was crooked. I cocked my head and took joy in his countenance. The ship crew greeted us with a roar of approval.

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I went into my private rooms clad in lush velvets against the stone walls and moved toward the center where a small pond was set in the floor. It would grant me my freedom from the chains that currently bind me. As I approached, a cool wind came through the window and disturbed its stillness. Bending over to look, the water shimmered and dissolved revealing a portal that looked in upon a world blush with green and the bloom of yellow and violet flowers. For years, its image beckoned me but my fear of the unknown and my responsibilities to the clave had kept me captive, but no longer. The clave has pushed me too far and tonight I make my escape. Kneeling down I raised my hands in prayer and called forth the power of the earth to allow my passage through.

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Tracy sat on the bed a bit confused as to what her and Richard were doing. They had seen a program about how couples could go to certain retreats to rekindle their intimacy.

They had been married for over 15 years and even through there love was strong they had decided a jump start to their love life would help.

“Remove your robes and lay back on the bed letting your partner see you exposed in private ways” said the instructor in what seemed like a cross between a bad English and Indian accent. His name was Chuck.

Tracy looked up at her husband for some sort of guidance, he shrugged. This wasn’t helping. She removed her robe and lay back on the bright red satin sheets which were a little too slippery.

“Ok now the men must choose a bloom from this vase that best represents your partners portal to ecstasy,” Chuck said as he walked up to all the guys in the room.

When he got to Richard, Tracy looked up hoping he would choose a rose or some other delicate flower. Instead, he grabbed the only large blooming sunflower in the vase.

“What the hell?” Tracy blurted out unable to help herself gesturing at the sunflower.

“It’s your favorite flower,” he said innocently.

“That flower is supposed to represent my vagina and you picked the biggest one!” she said trying not to sound as mad outwardly as she felt inwardly.

He looked down at the flower and all he could say was “Oh.”

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