Tired of Walking on Egg Shells – an ISG Writing Exercise

On 30 September 2015, these three words were chosen:

  • Cankerous
  • Flustered
  • Treasure

And these blurbs were written within five minutes….Enjoy!


Robby was a cancerous old man and Eileen had had enough. She was tired of getting flustered, nit-picking every decision she made to make sure it would be acceptable to him. She was tired of walking on egg shells and she was moving out. Despite the years of marriage and being kept from finishing her degree or having a job, she had managed to maintain a couple of good friendships, and this last time that Lisa offered up her spare room, Eileen had sighed, “yes,” and felt a relief in realizing that she’d meant it. She knew she was no shining treasure, but it was her life she was living, and she deserved to be treated as a person with a mind and ambition.

Robby would be driving home from work, waiting for a dinner that he would find something wrong with. Eileen and Lisa, on the other hand, were hanging up clothes and sharing a bottle of celebratory wine, waiting for the phone to ring. Eileen felt afraid of his voice, but more than that she felt excited at the adventure of her life ahead.

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I stared at the golden idol from across the booby trapped floor.  It was the treasure of a lifetime and I had come so far to get to this point.  But why was I hesitating?  Deep down, I knew why.  Rumors of the curse that would fall upon those that would dare disturb the idol had been plaguing me since I heard them.  Forcing out the voice of warning swirling in my head, I moved forward dexterously avoiding a false floor plate that would surely send me to my death.  To my surprise, I did not see the one just after it and I fell but manage to catch myself on the lip of the floor and pull myself back up to safety.  Flustered by my close call, I took a deep breath and continued.  It seemed like another hour before I came face to face with the idol.  It staring me down as much as I it.  I removed the idol from its resting place and half expected the temple to fall down around me, but nothing happened.  I laughed aloud, relieved and pleased by my success.  On my way back to town, my mouth started to bother me.  It felt sore, but I chalked it up to the fact that I hadn’t had a drop of water for what felt like days.  It wasn’t until the next morning, that I knew what was really going on.  My mouth had become a cankerous cesspool. I pulled the idol out of the bag and it now looked at me as if it were laughing.

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Halley rushed around, putting everything in place, making sure everything was shiny, trying not to get flustered. It was common knowledge that dragons got, well…annoyed, when they were away from their treasure for any length of time, but Darcy was a special case.

Halley put the sapphires with the rubies, equally interspersed just like he like them, and just in time as a bellow came from the front entrance. Halley frowned. It sounded worse than usual.

“What’s the…”

She barely had time to get out of the way before Darcy came barreling in, a flurry of wings and claws messing up her perfectly placed gold doubloons and silver medallions. The dragon burrowed into the riches, still moaning.

“What’s the matter?” she finally got a chance to ask.

“I think it’s cankerous!” Darcy howled.

Halley sighed. “Let me look.”

Darcy rolled over, exposing his scaly underbelly. The delicate silver scales were flaking off in patches. Halley rolled her eyes.

“You’re shedding.”

“Dragons don’t shed,” Darcy sniffed.

“Then you’re dying of a horrible, slow, painful, dread disease,” Halley said. “It’s been nice knowing you. Can I have your stuff when you’ve passed on to the great beyond?”

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She wondered why was he now being so cankerous?

He told her his fantasy was to be tied up. Mia was flustered at first when he asked but she thought that if this was really something Dennis wanted then she would do it.

Mia wanted to make him happy, she loved him and didn’t want to lose him. He was her treasure unlike all the other men she had in her life. He was sweet and wonderful. He showered her with presents and every day told her how beautiful she was. You don’t find men like that everyday.

She had googled bondage and after scrolling through all the “50 Shades” posts that her friends told her were not real bondage she had found a local group that were bondage experts. They even offered to “assist” with the bondage experience.

Now that Dennis was tied to two wooden beams that the experts had brought into their living room and the ball gag was pulling tightly on his mouth as he was spewing profanities in a muffled manner she thought maybe this wasn’t the best idea.

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Larry stared at the dripping pile of unidentifiable sludge in his daughter’s hand, trying to decide what was more important–his health or his child’s sense of honor.

Lily had found the item, her treasure, who knew where, and here she was, holding her most prized possession out to her father, wanting him to accept it and lavish her with the fatherly pride she deserved. Her little face was smeared with something black; Larry wondered with a shudder if the slime was cankerous. Why had he thought playing in the dog park for the afternoon was a good idea again?

He hadn’t looked away from her for very long, he thought, flustered. The dog had bolted in the other direction, he had turned his head to make sure the demonic labrador didn’t leap right over the fence and bound right back to hell where it clearly came from, and when  he turned back, Lily was holding out the mystery offering. Larry didn’t think it had come from any of the other dogs roaming about the park, but he also knew that his daughter always manged to find the dirtiest things around.

“Here, daddy,” she proclaimed proudly, “I got this just for you!”


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