For ISG Members: My Name is Jimmy. I am going to die.

A brilliant idea from one of our members, Erika Lance! Strictly for ISG Members, there’s a new eBook coming out next year (separate from the annual anthology). Enter your really short story by January 15th to be part of this super fun project!

Dear Reader,

My name is Jimmy. I am going to die.

Not to worry, I haven’t given away any important part of what is to come. I instead wanted to talk about, what you will soon see, is the inevitable.

In these pages you will see glimpses of my many lives. Some filled with adventure, with love, and danger.  In some, I have a long fulfilling existence with a very peaceful end, and of course the most common thread, my violent demise.

Alas, you should not feel bad for me. I love living and more importantly I know I am going to die. I have gotten quite good at it. Well most of the time at least.

So I ask you to take a journey with me into the many worlds I have had the opportunity to kick the bucket in.

Good luck,


To be in the book:

1. You must be a member of the Ink Slingers Guild.

2. DEADLINE: You have to turn in your work (story or poem) by January 15th.

3.    Each work is to be 2500 words or less.

4.    Jimmy has to die in your story. He doesn’t have to be a main character; the story doesn’t have to center around his death, however he needs to be male and spelled Jimmy and he has to die.

5.    You can submit up to 3 pieces of work.

6.    You will NOT be nudged to get your work in. If you want in, make sure you hit the deadline with a story in the parameters above.

7.    This will be published as an e-book in May.

8.    Any profits will go toward the next collaborated work from ISG.

9. Send entry by email to InkSlingersGuild at The email must include:

• Attachment of submission in Rich Text Format or Word.
• Full Name
• Pen Name, if applicable
• Address
• Email & Phone Number with best time to contact and preferred method to discuss edits.
• Links to your social media: website, Facebook and Twitter
(Stories submitted without the above will be returned as incomplete.)

10. All entrants will retain all publication rights; however, a non-exclusive release contract will be required prior to editing, proofing and publication.

W R I T E   O N !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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