The Authors of Into the Abyss presented by the Ink Slingers Guild

Hi, everyone!

The book, Into the Abyss, will be released next week and we are proud to announce the author line up for this year! In last years anthology the authors were listed by last name. This year, we went with a little twist! For those of you that have been following the blog for a while, you know that we chose three words that were required to be in this years book of short stories (gravity, innocuous and perilous) BUT you may not know that there were bonus words!

We had nine (9) words that, if incorporated into the story, would be “extra credit”. Whoever included the most words (beyond the required three) would have their story placed at the beginning of the book. If there is a tie the authors will be listed in alphabetical order by last name.

These are the additional words:

Tower • Nemesis • Tree • Brilliant • Glitch • Key • Cahoots • Comedy • Abyss

And here is the order of authors appearing in the next ISG Anthology, INTO THE ABYSS!!

Alden Scott

JM Paquette

Nicole DragonBeck

Erika Lance

Rhiannon Matlock

Lisa Barry

Robert Broughton

Anne Cargile

Dinah Shatter

Desiree Matlock

Angel Woolery

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